Quantica Computacao: AWS Activate Program

Quantica Computacao is part of AWS Activate program now. AWS Activate is a program designed to provide  startups with the resources you need to get started quickly and easily on AWS. Resources may include AWS Promotional Credit, AWS Support, AWS Training, and special offers from select third-party companies. AWS Activate Program has a Portfolio package... Continue Reading →


NASSCOM has partnered with Quantica Computacao for accelerating the AI ecosystem. Quantica Computacao is part of the NASSCOM CoE-DSAI Virtual Acceleration Program. The Program facilitates the following:- Industry Connect  Use – Case / Market fit  Mentoring Sessions  Knowledge Sessions  Invitation to NASSCOM CoE showcase events  Participation in Demo Days  Exposure to delegations and associated opportunities... Continue Reading →

Meity – Quantica Computacao

Quantica Computacao is invited to Brain Storming Session on Quantum Computing. Secretary, MeitY has kindly agreed to chair the proposed discussion on 30th March, 2019 at Electronics Niketan, CGO Complex, New Delhi. Bhagvan Kommadi will contribute with his vision in the preparation of the roadmap for Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. check out: https://lnkd.in/fX_MRkk

Quantum Computing using Python- New Thinking, New Possibilities

Python is the one language which far excelled in big data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, automation, web and API development. Historically python sticks out among the high-level languages with its innate ability to rapidly prototype complex algorithms and to "automate the boring stuff". According to the 2017 statistics from stackexchange.com, python showcased incredible growth... Continue Reading →

Quantum Computing Platforms and Technologies – Q#

Quantum Computing Platforms and Technologies Quantum computing is one new computing technology that has been in development for decades theoretically and practically has been in existence for last few decades. The theory was far developed even though the practicality of creating such a device is very narrow for many decades. As technology progresses, many cutting-edge... Continue Reading →

Quantum Computer

Quantum Computing is a new technology which is evolving. A quantum computer would require 3.5 million fewer steps than a traditional machine  to sort a billion numbers and would find the solution in only 31,623 steps.  The representation of qubits as bits of information has been in a symbolic way, 0, 1 and a superposition... Continue Reading →

Quantum Computer – Simulator

Quantum computer can be simulated for the users to write scripts using a language which can be saved and compiled. The development environment will have the compilation and debugging features. The quantum state of the register can be shown in different ways.   The languages used in quantum computing are imperative and functional quantum programming... Continue Reading →

Quantum Computing Use Cases

  Risk Assessment and Fraud detection in Banking and Financial services domains Drug discovery and protein folding in healthcare, bio sciences and pharma areas. Supply chain optimization and purchasing in manufacturing vertical. Utility distribution and optimization Advertising scheduling and revenue optimization in media and technology domains. Natural Language processing -quantum algorithms applied Cryptography - quantum... Continue Reading →

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