Quantum Computer

Quantum Computing is a new technology which is evolving. A quantum computer would require 3.5 million fewer steps than a traditional machine  to sort a billion numbers and would find the solution in only 31,623 steps.  The representation of qubits as bits of information has been in a symbolic way, 0, 1 and a superposition... Continue Reading →

Sprouting Qubits in India

With the advent of revolutionizing new technologies, humanity is moving into a realm of new possibilities where ideas once remained only as science fiction could manifest into reality. The machine learning algorithms are performing humanly impossible feats of solving the most challenging questions which persisted for decades and thus unleashing the power to decode mysteries... Continue Reading →

Quantum Computer – Simulator

Quantum computer can be simulated for the users to write scripts using a language which can be saved and compiled. The development environment will have the compilation and debugging features. The quantum state of the register can be shown in different ways.   The languages used in quantum computing are imperative and functional quantum programming... Continue Reading →

Quantum Computing Use Cases

  Risk Assessment and Fraud detection in Banking and Financial services domains Drug discovery and protein folding in healthcare, bio sciences and pharma areas. Supply chain optimization and purchasing in manufacturing vertical. Utility distribution and optimization Advertising scheduling and revenue optimization in media and technology domains. Natural Language processing -quantum algorithms applied Cryptography - quantum... Continue Reading →

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