Speaker: Cognitive & AI Summit

Bhagvan Kommadi, CEO, Quantica computacao will be speaking at World RPA, Cognitive & AI Summit 23rd Sep 2019 Hyderabad

Speaking Topic: RPA & AI Vision: A real game-changer


Talk Abstract:

“Training AI systems is almost like an art form to get the best out of these systems. . . . There’s only a few hundred people in the world who can do that really well.”

-Demis Hassabis, the leader of Google’s DeepMind AI team

“Automation golden triangle” of robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), and Cognitive Science is important for any enterprise to have a goal of a digital enterprise. The golden triangle helps in aligning and automating the processes for managing the enterprise business.



What’s Next ? An end-to-end business process automation with RPA and AI-powered decision-making and forecasting abilities.

“In a few years, machines will perform up to 10-25% of tasks related to bank operations, enhancing capacity and freeing staff to focus on value-driven tasks”

— McKinsey

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